Xfire Launches PC Tournament Service, Battleground

Santa Monica-based Xfire is aiming to make it easier for PC game enthusiasts to find challengers, with the launch of a new tournament system, the firm announced this morning. Xfire said Battleground is a fully automated, competitive gaming platform which lets gamers challenge their friends and foes, participate in tournaments, or organize their own, private PC gaming tournaments. Xfire said its new Battleground service lets gamers directly challenge others in an "Instant Action" mode, and participate with sponsored tournaments from Xfire partners in "Tournament" mode.

Xfire said the new Battleground srvice supports Call of Duty 4 and Counter-Strike: Source, and that it will be adding additional titles regularly to the service. In addition, the company has launched a virtual currency, "X-Coins", which will let gamers win prizes in tournaments; those coins will be available for purchase using real currency, via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard and American Express.