Two Bit Circus Hires Amusement Park Executive

Los Angeles-based TwoBit Circus has hired on a veteran of the amusement park business to lead its new efforts in creating its own micro-amusement park business. According to Two Bit Circus, it has hired Kimberly Schaefer to lead the business, handling development, management, and execution of the recently announced next generation micro-amusement parks. Schaefer is the former CEO of Great Wolf Lodge, an operator of indoor waterpark resorts, where she had been for 18 years. Two Bit Circus said Schaefer took Great Wolf from a cabin to 15 indoor waterpark resorts. Two Bit Circus recently announced plans to create 30,000 foot "micro-amusement parks" featuring STEM-based entertainment, using virtual and mixed reality, group games, social play, and its signature use of "lasers, fire, and robots".