Techstars Launches New Healthcare Accelerator In LA

Startup accelerator operator Techstars has opened up a its second, startup accelerator in Los Angeles today, the Techstars Healthcare Accelerator. The new accelerator is being run alongside Cedars-Sinai, and will focus on health and healthcare delivery. The two said they will provide up to $120,000 in funding for each team in the program, which will run for 13 weeks, from March 28th until June 23rd, 2016, taking 6-10 percent of equity in each startup in the program. The two said the new accelerator will focus on companies looking to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of health and healthcare delivery. The accelerator is the second, startup accelerator being run by Techstars in Los Angeles: the first was the Disney Accelerator, in Burbank, which was run in conjunction with the Walt Disney Company, and which recently had its second class and demo day.