TaskUs Tops 5,000 Employees

Santa Monica-based TaskUs, the outsourcing firm founded by Jaspar Weir and Bryce Maddock, said today that it has just passed up 5,000 employees. The company--which had just over 1,000 employees in 2014, and started with a mere 5 employees in 2011--says it now has five outsourcing centers in the Philippines. TaskUs has seen rapid growth due to its focus on back end office functions for many, "unicorn" startups, and such customers as Tinder,, Wikipedia, Gilt Groupe, and many, many others. The company says it has had lots of success recruiting employees, due to the company's 120 days of paid maternity leave, workout facilities, massages, gourmet cafeterias, and more -- applying a Silicon Valley style focus on employee benefits, but in the Philippines. TaskUs said it saw 400% revenue growth in 2015, but did not say what those revenues were; the company was bootstrapped by Weir and Maddock on $25,000 in their life savings, and the company took its first capital, $15M in private equity, last year.