Sense4Baby Gets Funding For Wireless Fetal Monitoring

San Diego-based Sense4Baby, a brand new starting spawned out of the West Health Institute, has licensed a wireless fetal monitoring system from West Health, and moved into that firm's new incubator. West Health Institute also said that Sense4Baby has received a "significant" funding commitment from the West Health Investment Fund. Sense4Baby is developing wireless, remote fetal monitoring systems, which are designed to allow an OBGYN to monitor the health of a mother and her baby remotely, avoiding frequent visits to a doctor. West Health Instute said that Sense4Baby will become the first company in its new West Health Incubator. That new incubator, according to the West Health Institute, is made up of 10,000 square feet on its campus in La Jolla, and will also provide infrastructure, strategic guidance, and access to its network of partners. More information »