Rubicon Project In Huge Executive Growth Push

In what might easily be the most number of executives announced at once in Southern California, Los Angeles-based online advertising marketplace The Rubicon Project announced ten new executives across engineering, data, administrative and operational strategy, legal, financial and business development. According to the company, it has hired Tim McQuillan as Chief Knowledge Officer; Dr. Mona Yousry as SVP Semantic Grid Computing; David Peterson as SVP Technology; Matt Karatz as Chief of Staff/Head of Strategic Operations; Tiffy Chelsvig as VP People; Michael Adair as SVP Corporate Development; David Day as Chief Accounting Officer; Jim Arth as SVP Financial Planning and Analysis; Natalie Pechacek, SVP Tax, and Brian Copple, as General Counsel.

The lengthly list of executives includes a wide range of executives from across the LA and Silicon Valley technology ecosystem. McQuillen was at StrongMail/L90 with Rubicon Project's founder, Frank Addante; Yousry was at Bell Labs/AT&T; Peterson was former Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Nimble TV; Karatz was former Deputy Mayor for Economic and Business Policy in the City of Los Angeles; and Chelsvig was formerly VP of Human Resources at Green Dot. Adair was head of North America Sales Finance & Operations at Google; Day was Chief Accounting Officer at ReachLocal; Arth had served at AT&T, Toyota Financial Services, and Helio; Pechacek was at Kennedy Wilson; and Copple at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher.