RealD Launches 3D TV Eyewear Technology

Los Angeles-based 3D technology firm RealD said today at CES, that it is launching technology to power 3D eyewear which is compatible with 3D high definition televisions sold by most major consumer electronics brands. RealD said it has developed its own ASOC, which incorporates a programmable front end which will sync image streams from multiple brands of 3D displays. RealD is looking to address the issue of incompatibility between 3D eyewear between different brands of 3D televisions. The firm said its system-on-a-chip (SoC) will be offered to manufacturers looking to build their own 3D eyewear. The new technology is a collaboration between RealD and Broadcom and Freescale Semiconductor; the firm said it is using Frescale's RF4CE platform and MC1323x SoC, along with Broadcom's Bluetooth chip, the BCM20730. RealD provides its 3D projection technology to movie theaters, and is also licensing its technology to 3D television makers.