Paladin Software, Tipalti Link On Video Content Payments

Two, Los Angeles area companies, Paladin Software, and Tipalti, said this week that they have linked up in a strategic partnership, to enable payments to video content creators across different countries. Paladin--which offers up software to manage contracts and payments for multi-channel networks (MCNs)--said it is using Tipalti's technology to streamline payment processing in a creator's local currency. Tipalti's technology is being used to support a variety of payment methods, including Global ACH, PayPal, prepaid debit card, wire transfer, and more. Financial details of the link between the two companies was not announced. Paladin is led by James Creech, and is based in Los Angeles; Tipalti is led by Chen Amit and has its offices split between Westlake Village and Palo Alto.