Life Sciences Organization Launches Office In LA

The California Life Sciences Association (CLSA), a group which focuses on public policy and business leadership in the life sciences area, said today that it has launched what it calls a new "Life Sciences Innovation Hub" in Los Angeles. According to the company, its new Los Angeles satellite office will be located in Monrovia, and will go to help its work in Los Angeles County, providing political advocacy, special industry events, and professional development for the life sciences sector. The company said the new office is a partnership with LA BioMed and Lab Launch. The group said it opened up the new location because it's "a pivotal time" for the life sciences sector in Los Angeles, saying that the area is home to numerous world-class research universities, teaching hospitals, biomedical research organizations and start-up firms, and also has "thousands of gifted scientists and a highly skilled talent pool of life sciences graduates, many with advanced degrees".