Kymeta Links With Inmarsat On Satellite Antenna Project

Redmond-based Kymeta, the spinout of Intellectual Ventures which is developing lightweight, low-profile satellite antenna technology, has signed a partnership deal with satellite operator Inmarsat. According to the two companies, they are in an agreement to develop a new, satellite antenna for the business jet market. The firms said its new antenna will allow business jets to access high-speed, broadband from Inmarsat. Financial details of the deal were not announced.

The companies said the new antenna will allow those business jet customers to access broadband at speeds they can't with existing technology. Those speed details were not released by the two companies, but they did say they are equivalent of what they can receive today at their home or office. The firms also said the antenna's size will allow installation on much smaller aircraft than is currently possible.

Kymeta spun out of patent licensing firm Intellectual Ventures last August; the company is backed by Bill Gates, Liberty Global, and Lux Capital.