Independa Ties Sensors Into Health Monitoring Service

San Diego-based Independa, the venture backed provider of health monitoring systems for the elderly, announced this week that it has launched a new set of health, safety, and activity sensors which connect into its services. The company--which is venture backed by Miramar Venture Partners and CityHill Ventures--develops a service to help monitor vital signs and safety of eldery patients. Independa said its new Artemis platform comes as part of a partnership with Boston Life Labs LLC, and will include sensors such as an ear thermometer, blood pressure cuff, weight scale, pulse oximeter, glucometer, passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor, door sensor, panic button and pressure pad, as well as sensors to detect flooding, toilet flushing, room temperature, smoke, and carbon monoxide. The company said the new product will roll out in Q2. Independa is headed by Kian Saneii.