Hulu Plus Hits The Wii

Fans of shows on Los Angeles-based Hulu can get their content on yet another device--the Nintendo Wii--as of this morning, Nintendo and Hulu said today. According to the two, Wii owners can now subscribe to Hulu Plus, Hulu's premium service, for $7.99 a month, to get access to current TV shows and back seasons on the Hulu service. Hulu and Nintendo said that users of the Wii who have a broadband Internet connection now download the Hulu Plus application from the Wii Shop Channel; the two are offering a two-week free trial for new users of Hulu. The Wii is only the latest in a series of hardware devices which can be connected into the Hulu Plus service; Hulu also recently rolled out an Xbox Live app, connected to the Nook reader, and the Kindle Fire.