Harbor MedTech Raises $600K For Wound Healing Technology

Orange County-based Harbor MedTech, a developer of wound healing technology, has raised $600,000 in a funding round from private investors, the firm disclosed today, to help the firm grow and further develop its products. Harbor MedTech is developing products to restart, support healing of difficult or chronic wound such as diabetic, venous and pressure ulcers as well as for hernia patches and orthopedic soft tissue repair. Harbor MedTech's technology was developed at Edwards Lifesciences, and the company was a part of the OCTANe LaunchPad program. The firm is headed by Jerry Mezger. Mezger said that its investors were both attracted by making in investment in something that "makes a difference", as well as looking for an alternative to the public markets and potential for classic venture capital type returns. Mezger was recently CEO of NeoMend. More information »