Green Dot Names Three Board Directors

Pasadena-based Green Dot says it has named three, new, independent directors to its board of directors late Monday. According to Green Dot, it has named J. Chris Brewster, Rajeev V. Date and William I. Jacobs, with non-independent director Samuel Altman--president of Y Combinator--stepping down from the board. Green Dot says it now has ten directors of the company, with nine independent directors. Brewster was previously CFO of Cardtronics; Date is the founder of venture investment firm Fenway Summer, and also was at the U.S. Treasury; Jacobs is the Chairman of Global Payments, and previously was at MasterCard, among other companies. Green Dot is a provider of reloadable, debit cards, and also operates its own, FDIC-insured online bank, GoBank.