GC VR Gaming Tracker Fund Raises $15.6M For VR, AR, E-Sports Investments

It's been a record year for new venture funds in the Los Angeles area, and the growth in funds continued this morning, with the announcement of Los Angeles-based GC VR Gaming Tracker Fund LP, led by Greycroft Venture Partner Jon Goldman. Goldman announced on Tuesday morning that the fund will make investments in VR, AR, video games and e-sports, and has already made more than 20 investments. The fund says it invests $50,000 to $500,000 in seed stage companies. Greycroft Ventures has been co-investing with the GC VR Gaming Tracker Fund, according to Greycroft's Dana Settle. Southern California has recently seen a huge surge in venture capital funds, particularly at the seed and early stages, with around 11 new funds announced in the last year or so.