Strobe Acquired By G.M.

Pasadena-based Strobe, a startup developing LIDAR systems for driverless cars, has been acquired by GM, GM said on Monday. Financial terms of the acquisition were not announced. G.M. said it would make Strobe a part of its Cruise Automation subsidiary, which is developing self driving technology. Strobe was led by CEO Julie Schoenfeld, and was founded by Dr. Lute Maleki. Strobe is a spinout of another Pasadena technology company, OEwaves. Cruise Automation said that Strobe's chip-scale LIDAR technology will "significantly enhance" the capabilities of its self-driving cars, and most importantly, reduce the cost of each LIDAR system on its self-driving cars by 99 percent. Cruise says Strobe's LIDAR sensor systems are implemented on a single chip.