PrazoNow Launches Short Term, Subscription Electric Auto Leasing Service

Los Angeles-based PrazoNow, a new automotive leasing startup being incubated at Mucker Labs, says it is launching a new, subscription automotive service. According to PrazoNow, it is launching a short term, car leasing service which will offer up three, six, or nine month leases to pre-owned, electric vehicles in Southern California. PrazoNow said that it is targeting consumers relocating for work or school who need short-term transportation, those looking for an inexpensive alternative to ride-sharing and individuals who donít want to commit to a traditional three-year automotive lease. The startup, led by Alain Guzik, said it is in the midst of a Series A investment round. The company currently lets user pick from a Fiat 500e or Nissan Leaf for $349 a month, to a BMW i3 or VW e-Golf for $449 month, to a Tesla Model S for $1999/month.