Cal-X Stars To Present Startup Class

Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, a startup accelerator group which has been ramping up in Santa Monica, said Friday that it is planning to present its class of medtech companies in San Francisco as part of the Founder Club DEMO day. The accelerator--which says it invests a minimum of $18,000 in companies, and mentors them for 12 weeks--said it has a class of ten medical technology startups, with a focus on stem cell technology, who are presenting at the demo day in Silicon Valley. The incubator is headed by Howard Leonhardt, who is founder of one of the major companies in the Cal-X Stars Accelerator, Bioheart, a developer of technology which uses muscle stem cells to treat heart failure. According to Leonhardt's investment firm bio, Bioheart has already raised over $105M in capital and an additional $40M in loans and grants.