Beachmint: We're Still Alive, Kicking, Despite Reports

Los Angeles-based BeachMint, headed by Josh Berman and Diego Berdakin, has a message to the Los Angeles technology community: the company is still alive, kicking, and has the full support of its investors. The message came after a report that BeachMint was returning $20M to its investors and had ousted its founders. According to BeachMint, the story is "not accurate", and that Berman and Berdakin remain 100% focused on the firm, and are fully backed by the company's board. BeachMint said that the firm has grown 40% year over year, in both sales and subscribers. The dispute on the report follows earlier jousting between PandoDaily and Beachmint on reporting and facts on the company. Beachmint, in a complaint, said that "nobody at BeachMint nor the Board of Directors was contacted to confirm or provide input on this story." For its part, PandoDaily said its sources included "six well-placed sources in the LA and Valley ecosystems" and Berdakin has a "history of not being completely straight with us."