Avametric Raises $10.5M To Combine Hollywood VFX With E-Commerce

In a crossover between the worlds of Hollywood special effects and e-commerce, a new startup, Avametric, said it is looking to fuse "Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and Fashion" by using the software behind visual effects rendering to render clothing and accessories on computer models of consumers. The San Francisco startup said it raised $10.5M from Khosla Ventures, Y-Combinator, and others on Thursday. The bulk of the company's workforce is in San Francisco, although the company's Chief Customer Officer, Kendra Gratteri, is located here in Los Angeles. Gratteri was formerly BeachMint's Director of Merchandising, and also was at Forever 21. A number of the company's technical executives are from such companies as DreamWorks and Industrial Light & Magic, and have worked on such titles as Minority Report and other films. More information »