Angry Birds Maker Eyes Hollywood

The latest, videogame firm looking to get into Hollywood looks to be Rovio, the maker of the popular videogame Angry Birds, according to a report today. According to publication Eurogamer, which tracks the video game industry in Europe, Rovio is hoping its game can become "multiple movies." Angry Birds is among the most popular smartphone games for both the Apple iPhone and the Android smartphone platform, and is known for its quirky, animated birds who players shoot at structures, to destroy an army of pigs. Rovio recently hired David Maisel, who helped launched Marvel Studios, as a special advisor. Maisel produced Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and The Incredible Hulk. Rovio is not the first videogame maker to court Hollywood, however, it might just be the first one spawned out of the new, smartphone mobile games market and the iPhone.