Insights and Opinions: Jobs, Entrepreneurs, and the Simple Solution

Our Insights and Opinions piece today is from Ryan Blair, a Los Angeles based serial entrepreneur, and author of Nothing to Lose. Blair penned this open letter to President Obama about how to create jobs.

Dear President Obama,

I heard your rhetoric on the jobs market, and as a man who has created many jobs I can tell you that youíre focused on the wrong people, and the wrong initiatives. The unemployment issue isnít going to get solved by giving billions in subsidies to people already making billions of dollars, but it will be solved by stimulating innovation, and creating new entrepreneurs who will in turn create new jobs, new industries, and new solutions to our nationís greatest problems.

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers, so if you want to solve our problems, inspire the 70 million or so people under age 34 in this nation to become entrepreneurs. (Continued...)

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